Yellowstone’s 6666 Spinoff: What Happened to the Series (and Is It Delayed)?

The Yellowstone Universe is expanding, but what happened to the 6666 spinoff, and will it ever be released?

When a modern Western drama series, Yellowstone, premiered on Paramount+, no one could predict its eventual popularity. The show’s success caused a general expansion into a separate universe, with several spinoffs that followed. Taylor Sheridan created the series with Kevin Kostner in the leading role. The star actor is John Dutton, the owner and the patriarch of the biggest ranch in the country, with a historical family tradition. After the original show, the established director got the green light to create two prequel shows, 1883 and 1923, that would follow the previous generations of the Dutton family. The prequels were both well-received by the audience.

Also, Lawmen: Bass Reeves initially intended to be a part of the Yellowstone Universe, but that did not happen, and the show embarked on a separate journey. Nevertheless, another Yellowstone spinoff, titled 6666, is in the making and is set on the same timeline as Yellowstone. Setting the stage for this spinoff began in Yellowstone season four and partially continued in the fifth season. But, let’s see at what stage the show’s development is currently, and should the audience expect certain delays?

The Exact Release Date of Yellowstone’s 6666 Remains Unknown


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