Yellowstone Season 5 Without Kevin Costner Is Defying The Show’s Original Premise

Yellowstone season 5 will carry on without Kevin Costner’s involvement, and in doing so will fly in the face of the show’s original mission.

With Kevin Costner’s infamous exit from Yellowstone in the middle of season 5, the show has well and truly departed from its original intention. A number of behind-the-scenes problems and controversies around Yellowstone ultimately led to the second half of the already-in-progress season 5 carrying on without the Academy Award winner who has starred in the show since 2018. However, the nature of that ending will fly in the face of the show’s original intention.

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has expressed his pleasure with how the show wraps up without Kevin Costner’s involvement, and it’s fair to wonder whether season 5 is better off without John Dutton. As it stands, season 5 will represent the end of the current iteration of Yellowstone, although there are multiple spinoffs on the way. No matter how the overarching narrative ends, without John Dutton at its center, the story would have strayed far off the path laid out in season 1.


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