The Beth Scene On Yellowstone That Left Viewers Angry, According To Kelly Reilly

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) is nothing if not an incredibly polarizing figure. Fans love to hate her, and they especially hate her when she’s doling out tough love to the kids living on the Dutton ranch. A prime example is when Beth refuses to let her quasi-ward, Carter (Finn Little), call her mama during Season 4.

“Yellowstone” viewers reacted just as strongly to Beth’s harsh words as little Carter did. “America went after me for that! I was like, ‘That’s the character, not me!’ But I get it. I wish she would [let herself be a mother to him], too,” Reilly told TV Line in 2022. But the actor elaborated on the point of Beth’s actions; she thinks it wouldn’t be fair for Beth to sweep Carter under her wing when they barely know one another. “She goes, ‘You had a mom. She died. I can’t replace that. But I’ll be your friend,’ I think there’s something honorable about that,” she said.

While many fans wouldn’t go that far regarding Beth’s behavior, they know there’s a big reason why she won’t let Carter call her mother.

Beth has a good reason to avoid notions of motherhood

Beth Dutton smoking

“Yellowstone” fans know Beth has avoided any matriarchal attachment for a good reason; she can’t have biological children and feels guilty that she can’t provide her true love, Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), with an heir. This is also why she hates her adopted brother, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley). Her bitterness toward him stems from the fact that Jamie helps Beth obtain an abortion that leaves her sterile. Ergo, she eschews motherly talk. The fact that she blames herself for her mother’s accidental death is just icing on the Freudian cake.

Kelly Reilly is fully aware that Beth has some emotional homework to do before she can be the kind of person who can grow past this sort of pain and hopes Beth can give herself that kind of grace. “I hope that eventually she forgives herself because I think she’ll be even more powerful then,” she told TVLine. But she doesn’t want Beth to immediately forgive Jamie. “There’s too much fun to be had before that!”

Until then, fans will enjoy Beth’s highlights and lowlights as she grapples with her fears — for better or worse.

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