Taylor Sheridan Teamed With 1883’s Tim McGraw To Start A New Yellowstone Business

So many drink options coming out of the Yellowstone franchise.

A plan is finally in place to bring Yellowstone’s final Season 5 episodes into reality, with the hit western concluding in late 2024 for audiences hungry for more Dutton-centric drama. For those a bit more on the thirsty side, Taylor Sheridan is currently making headlines related to both wine and coffee, though one is far more celebratory than the other.

The Yellowstone Wine Club Now Exists
For all that Beth Dutton will go to town on whatever kind of alcohol is in her proximity, wine is definitely a beverage of choice at times for her and other characters. As such, it’s only natural for Yellowstone to now have its own wine club dubbed 1883 Reserve Napa Valley, with the namesake prequel’s star Tim McGraw as one of the brand partners alongside 101 Studios CEO David Glasser and the team at Fairwinds Estate Winery.

The Grammy-winning country star shared the news on his Instagram page with a video in which he shares the big news with his bandmates.


Not only is this a collaboration between Tim McGraw and his former 1883 boss, but as he partially reveals in the video, he actually has a cousin in the wine industry who helped set things up on that side of the table. (The cousin, as noted on the wine club’s website, is Adam Henderson, who is a fellow partner in the new brand.)

To pop open a bottle from the 1883 Reserve Napa Valley collection while waiting on any and all upcoming Yellowstone shows, fans just need to sign up and pick from the various options, while also footing the $50 fee. There are 3-bottle and 6-bottle monthly plans, as well as as assortment of gift sets and single bottles. It seems like anyone can buy from the gift shop, which includes Yellowstone-branded wine glasses, corkscrews and more, but the membership brings discounts.

It isn’t exactly the cheapest way to pleasure one’s palate, with the plans costing from $155 to $240 for three bottles, and between $270 and $450 for six bottles. So not so much for casual fans of either wine or Yellowstone, but for those who have money to spare, it’s a great option for holiday spending. (Not to mention a Peacock subscription gift, since that’s the only place where Yellowstone can be streamed in full.)

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