Netflix’s Yellowstone Wannabe Couldn’t Come At A Better Time

Netflix’s new Western drama Ransom Canyon is seemingly trying to capitalize on the success of Yellowstone, and the timing could not be more perfect.

Netflix is currently developing a new Western family drama akin to Taylor Sheridan’s megahit Yellowstone, and the timing could not be better as Kevin Costner-led series comes to an end. Titled Ransom Canyon, Netflix’s epic modern western show will follow three ranching families in the Texas Hill Country, capitalizing on the base concept that made Yellowstone Paramount’s most successful TV show, and reinvigorated the Western genre within modern television. While there is still plenty that needs to happen to the Duttons before Yellowstone ends, there is only half a season left before the show’s finale.

Netflix has described Ransom Canyon as a “romance-fueled family drama”, so it may not have the same level of Western action that helped make Yellowstone such a hit. However, Yellowstone is, as its core, a family drama, so there is plenty of appetite for something similar even if it doesn’t lean into violence and scheming as much as Taylor Sheridan’s Western show and its prequels. With Yellowstone coming to an unexpectedly swift end, its Western-loving audience will be seeking out a replacement series, which could work in Ransom Canyon‘s favor.

Ransom Canyon Is Perfectly Timed As Yellowstone Approaches Its End (Without Kevin Costner)

Ransom Canyon could benefit from a potentially disappointing end to Yellowstone.

While it’s true that the simple timing of Yellowstone coming to an end is a major boon for Ransom Canyon, the manner in which Yellowstone ends may end up even more important. The show was originally intended to extend into at least a sixth season, but with Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone after season 5 the decision was made to wrap the show up along with his departure. The latest disappointing update is that Kevin Costner will not even return to reprise his role as John Dutton for the back half of season 5. That leaves the door open for an unfortunately frustrating end to the popular series.

Yellowstone will most likely have to kill John Dutton off-screen to explain his absence, which is all but guaranteed to be unsatisfying to any fan of the show. With only half a season to address his death and wrap up the plots surrounding the show’s beloved cast of characters, there is a ton of potential for a sour end to the Western drama. Ransom Canyon could capitalize on that right away if the show captures any of what made Yellowstone so popular in the first place. A well-written drama with characters the audience cares about, set against a Western ranch backdrop could be all the show needs to pick up most of Yellowstone‘s disappointed audience.

Could Ransom Canyon Match Yellowstone’s Success?

It would be difficult, but not impossible given the show’s cast, premise and platform.

Yellowstone cast rodeo

It’s difficult to think Ransom County could immediately match Yellowstone‘s level of popularity given that Taylor Sheridan’s drama has evolved into an established franchise. However, Yellowstone and its prequels and spinoffs have made it clear that there is a massive audience for Western drama in the modern television space, so Ransom County will be debuting to an audience that should be receptive to its premise. The Netflix show will also benefit from a well-known cast; the streaming platform recently announced that the series would be led by Josh Duhamel and Minka Kelly, both well-established television stars with experience on hit shows.

Part of what drew people to Yellowstone in the first place was Kevin Costner’s involvement, so Ransom County may benefit immediately from its own star power. Its success could also compound much more quickly than Yellowstone given that the show will release on Netflix, which simply has a much larger audience than the Paramount network ever did. If Ransom County proves to be a quality drama, it stands a great chance of going viral on Netflix, which could help it reach millions of viewers who never even came across Yellowstone. If the show takes off in its first season, it could quickly match, if not surpass, the success of Yellowstone in relatively short order.

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