LPBW: Fans Worried About Audrey’s Kids As She Reveals Horrible Cooking Method!

Little People Big World fans constantly fear for Audrey and Jeremy’s kids due to their weird actions. They have been constantly targeting the couple for putting their kids in danger due to their extreme attitude. The LPBW stars have a different parenting approach than others. It contrasts heavily with their audience. Audrey and Jeremy love sharing their unique life hacks with their social media followers.

But not everything is appreciated and welcomed by the TLC fans. Viewers often backlash the reality TV stars for putting their kids in danger. Recently, Audrey shared a new cooking method with her followers. But the TLC fans slammed the celebrity for a horrible decision and for putting her kids’ lives at risk.

LPBW: Audrey Receives Hate For Her Terrible Cooking Skill!

Audrey and Jeremy have a habit of raising eyebrows with their controversial decisions. They love sharing their life updates with LPBW fans. However, fans remain quite concerned for their kids. Recently, Audrey took to Instagram to share her new cooking methods.

She uploaded a picture of semi-raw chicken cubes cooking in a pan. The reality TV celeb wanted to show off her method of cutting and cooking them. Audrey was using a pair of scissors to cut the pieces while doing so. She wrote, “Some of you may be cringing at me, but this is how I cut up my chicken breasts and thighs.”

Audrey was happy to inform her followers that she didn’t have to touch the raw chicken unnecessarily by using her strange method. However, her new cooking style received terrible reactions from the fans. Several fans took to Reddit to share their views. An angry fan expressed, “Look, I get the raw chicken fear. But I had a visceral reaction seeing this in my Instagram story scrolling.”


The OP called Audrey’s method chaotic and aggressive. The LPBW fan went ahead to think of it as a parody initially. However, they were unable to understand why she couldn’t cut them before putting them in the pan.

Several fans agreed with the OP and expressed their frustration. One fan said, “Her cooking on Instagram is scary.” Meanwhile, the others lashed out at celebrities for using scissors where bacteria hide easily and make it impossible to clean properly.

LPBW: Fans Correct Audrey Over Basic Grammatical Mistakes In Her Post!

LPBW star Audrey Roloff has been a constant target for the trolls because of her social media posts. TLC viewers often lash out at the celebrity for making major grammatical mistakes while posting on her social media account. Recently, Audrey asked her fans for a favor in her latest Instagram story. She stated, “Working on a little project … .but recruiting your help had been a question.”


Audrey went ahead to ask them if they had ever asked a question with their partner that led to meaningful conversations and better connections. However, fans took to Reddit to discuss her grammar knowledge. Several fans gathered to point out her basic mistakes in the new post. Further, the others laughed at her for her terrible mistake. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers to know more about Audrey and the other LPBW fans.

Source: https://abcnews.go.com/

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