Lainey Wilson Says She’s Talked To Taylor Sheridan About Returning For The Yellowstone Finale

This wait for the premiere of Yellowstone season five part two has been nothing short of painful.

After initially anticipating a summer premiere last year, the writers strike has pushed back production so far that it appears we won’t be getting a premiere until November this year. Not to mention, the show is coming to an end after the second half of season five, after alleged conflict in film scheduling between Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan.

So, as we continue to wait for the finale of Yellowstone, the question is…

How in the hell is this show going to end?

It was initially believed that the show would go on for at least seven seasons, but now, we have so many questions that need answers by the end of season five.

What will happen to John Dutton now that Kevin Costner is no longer with the show? Will Sarah Atwood from Market Equities be able to manipulate Jamie Dutton enough to ruin his own family? Will Beth end up killing Jamie? What will happen to Kayce and Monica’s relationship?

There’s so much left to be desired, but if there’s anybody who has the ability to plan for something like this, it’s Taylor Sheridan.

With that being said, Lainey Wilson is assuring us of that.

Now Wilson’s time on Yellowstone has been much shorter lived than anticipated, as her character Abby was only introduced in the first half of season five. However, for all of us wondering how the show will come to an end, Wilson says Sheridan has a plan.

During an appearance on Rob + Holly with Audacy, Wilson said:

“I talked to Taylor Sheridan the other day and there’s a plan. Now we just gotta see if that plan happens.

I laugh and say, ‘they didn’t take me to the train station,’ so, we’ll see what happens on that end. I told him, I said, ‘Give me the green light,’ we gon’ be smack dab in the middle of touring, but we’ll figure it out.’”


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