Is John Dutton the Yellowstone’s Biggest Villain? These 10 Scenes Say Yes

The long-awaited (and somehow still shocking) finale of the already iconic Western series can’t come soon enough.

John Dutton as Yellowstone's Biggest Villain: 10 Scenes Confirm.

As Kevin Costner tips his hat and rides off into the sunset, leaving ‘Yellowstone ‘ behind, the show’s upcoming Season 5 Part 2 promises a bittersweet finale for a series that’s become as iconic as the rugged Montana landscape it’s set in.

Now, turning our spurs towards John Dutton, portrayed with a grit as tough as old leather by Costner himself, we’ve got to ask: Is he really the biggest villain of ‘Yellowstone’?

These 10 scenes certainly make a compelling case, lining up like a row of old whiskey bottles ready to tell a tale of moral ambiguity and power plays.

In a world where the lines between hero and villain are as blurred as the boundaries of the Dutton ranch, John’s actions often tip the scales towards the latter, his decisions casting long shadows over the valleys of the Yellowstone.

Each scene peels back another layer of the complex character that is John Dutton, revealing a man who wields control with the precision of a seasoned rancher herding cattle, yet often tramples over the finer points of ethics like a stampede ignoring a fence line.

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