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Fans of *Little People Big World* are questioning the sleeping arrangements of Zach and Tori Roloff’s family after the couple’s recent move to a new home. Viewers wonder why Zach and Tori did not consider the convenience of their decision, particularly concerning their youngest child, Joa. Critics have noted the couple’s challenges with their new residence and their decision not to share a room with their newborn for privacy reasons.

Fans find the couple’s decision unusual and contradictory, as leaving a baby alone in a room separate from their mother is considered uncommon. Some suggest Zach and Tori may be making things more difficult than necessary, as there are simpler ways to adjust their sleeping arrangements. Tori has expressed frustration with Zach’s lack of appreciation for her efforts in raising their three children, leading to tension in their relationship. Despite their challenges, viewers hope Zach and Tori can improve their relationship, as they remain favorites on the TLC show.

The recent family strife over the farm and the raising of three children has put additional stress on Zach and Tori’s relationship. Tori also revealed a disagreement with her mother-in-law, Amy Roloff, stemming from unsolicited advice Amy provided. Tori explained that this created a rift between them, although Zach tried to ease the tension. Nonetheless, Tori remains open to mending her relationship with Amy.

The couple’s conflict with Zach’s father, Matt Roloff, has also contributed to their challenges. Zach and Tori have distanced themselves from Matt and his girlfriend, Karen Chandler, following Matt’s decision to sell a portion of the family farm. This decision led to disputes within the family, prompting Zach and Tori to move to Battleground, Washington.

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Despite these difficulties, Zach and Tori’s journey on *Little People Big World* continues to captivate viewers. Their relationship has evolved since they started dating, and their shared experiences, including the birth of their three children, have been a central focus of the show. Fans hope Zach and Tori can move past their current challenges and continue to be beloved stars on the reality series.

The show’s history dates back to 2006, and it has followed the Roloff family through various milestones, including marriage, divorce, and the complexities of living with dwarfism. As the series progresses, viewers remain interested in the unfolding dynamics of the family, particularly how Zach and Tori navigate their challenges.

While Zach and Tori face criticism for their choices, they have also received support from fans who appreciate their candidness on the show. As they navigate these challenges, viewers eagerly await updates on the couple’s journey and the broader storylines of *Little People Big World*.

Overall, Zach and Tori’s decisions have sparked lively discussions among fans, who continue to watch their journey with interest. Despite the obstacles they face, the couple remains a central part of the show, and viewers hope to see them find resolution and happiness in the seasons to come. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned by subscribing to our channel for more updates. Thank you!

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