Everything You Need to Know About ‘Yellowstone’ as It Airs on CBS

The contemporary Western Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner debuted in 2018, and we’ve been obsessed ever since. So have viewers: Yellowstone was the most watched entertainment show last season in its fifth year (yes, even beating NCIS).

If you are new to the show or need to catch up before the premiere of the final episodes (which have been delayed due to the strike), here’s everything you need to know. You can stream it all on Peacock, catch reruns on Paramount Network or watch for free on Pluto’s More TV Drama channel—and it’s even airing weekly this fall on CBS.

What is Yellowstone really about?

You’ll see most people compare it to Succession and Dallas, and sure it’s soapy, with rich siblings fighting each other for Daddy’s approval. Daddy in this case is ranch owner John Dutton (Costner), whose life’s purpose is keeping his family’s ancestral land from the hands of developers and the local tribes, by any means necessary. His three adult kids—unlike J.R. Ewing and Kendall Roy, who wanted to take over other businesses and conquer the world—just want to survive the deadly battle for control.

There’s one relationship we care about most

John’s only daughter, corporate shark Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), and equally tough ranch manager Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) have had a stormy bond since they were teens. But anyone looking at these two wild horses knows they’ll always come back to each other. Another thing that keeps them together: Both are unquestionably loyal to John.

Someone keeps surviving against all odds

Morally compromised (and miserable) Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) is a lawyer who does his dad’s dirty work, and his dad’s enemies’ dirty work, depending on the day. He also knows Beth’s secrets, and she loathes him for it. Deeply. The pair have come to blows and there are times it looked like she might kill him with her bare hands. There’s a growing list of people who want to off the attorney.

No one is safe

You come for John Dutton, you’d better come armed. Yessir, the clan is great at manipulating the law to get their way, but a bullet through the head works too. They even have a place known as “the train station” where they drop off their murdered enemies.

Who will come out on top?

A possible winner is tribal chief and casino mogul Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), who’s had to make compromises to protect his people and knows how to play his cards. We’re also betting on former Navy SEAL Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), who’s done plenty of killing to protect the ranch but really just wants to live a quiet life with his wife, Monica (Kelsey Asbille). The thing is, no one ever gets what they want on Yellowstone, at least not for long—and the anticipation of the next shocking downfall is one reason to watch.


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