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“Lpw zacharof and Tor move on in gripping finale. Little People Big World season 25 spoilers tease an emotional season finale. This upcoming season finale is even more emotional in light of Zach’s roloff and Tor roloff previously revealing their exit from the show. So what else do spoilers reveal? Little People Big World season 25 coming to an end with 25 seasons of little people. Bay World season finals are a regular part of the deal since 2006 seasons have come and gone on TLC. However, there’s something different about this upcoming season finale when compared with previous season finals. With Zach roloff and Tory roloff previously revealing that Little People Big World season 25 would be their last, there’s an element of things coming to an end with this season finale that wasn’t present in previous seasons.

Tori Roloff drops major bombshell by saying time on LPBW is 'coming to a  close'

Emotional finale coming up in season 25. Based on Little People Big World season 25 teasers, the upcoming season finale is an emotional time for everyone. This finale comes on the heels of Zach and Tori ditching Amy roff’s fundraiser, which only piled on more attention to an already fractured roloff family situation. Zach Roloff says in the Little People Big World spoiler, ‘The farm, it’s not going to be a part of our kids’ lives the same way it was mine.’ Zach also adds in teasers, ‘When it comes to my dad, it’s time to move on.’ The way TLC is portraying these upcoming scenes, it absolutely feels like the end of an era. So this upcoming season finale is certainly more loaded than previous ones.

Little People Big World future still up in the air. Zach roloff emphasizing in Little People Big World spoilers that it’s time to move on is even more impactful since viewers know that the husband and wife officially left the show. They’re closing the chapter on LPBW still has many fans questioning whether or not the show is over for good. As of this writing, TLC has yet to renew Little People Big World for season 26. But with Zach and Tori confirming their exit from the show, that leaves a huge hole to fill in terms of storyline.

Many viewers believe that Zach Tor and their children would be the future of the show. So if it does come back for another season, TC is going to have to go back to the drawing board and figure out how they are going to fill that void. As much as fans have watched Matt roloff and Amy roloff from the beginning, many fans don’t think the show will survive with all of their children now officially out and no longer filming scenes. In many ways, this upcoming season finale feels like the end of not just this season but potentially to show altogether.

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