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Little People Big World canceled will show go in Wake of shocking cast departures back on February 22 Tor rollof and Zach rof made an announcement in regard to their future as cast members on Little People Big World fans can’t help but wonder about the future of the program itself we are done that part of our lives that chapter has closed said Tori rolloff on a recent episode of her and her husband’s podcast confirming their departure from Little People Big World Zach then made it sound as if their contracts have run out and neither the couple itself nor Network executives are interested in a renewal we’ve made it pretty clear added Zach on the same podcast they haven’t asked us back technically it’s been an open non-secret for nearly 2 years now that Zach and Tori don’t get along with the former’s father Matt Roloff on the latest episode of Little People Big World Matt expressed disappointment over his son and daughter-in-law not attending a local charity event the Rivalry started back in May 2022

when Matt listed 14 acres of his Oregon farm for sale anding because the father of three felt as if his own dad didn’t give him a fair chance to purchase this property Zack proceeded to trash him as a coward and a manipulator after Matt pushed back against this summary of events the relationship hasn’t been close to the same since this last cycle was rough between the family the farm deal and we were done with it Zach noted on the aforementioned podcast referring to the issues with his dad as Tori emphasized things have been hard of late makes perfect sense to us bored as this leave one of the longest running reality shows in television history Zach and Tori are now gone Jacob rolloff left in 2016 Jeremy rolloff followed with his own departure in 2018 Matt and Amy roloff’s fourth child Molly never wanted to be a part of the cast and resides in Washington far away from the spotlight could TLC pick up Little People Big World for another season could it focus on just Amy and Matt’s relationship or Matt’s engagement to Karen Chandler it’s possible the series remains costeffective for TLC very little goes into production we just can’t imagine a great deal of interest in the adults here most fans have been most invested by far in Matt and am’s children none of whom are associated any longer with the show Little People Big World debuted all the way back 2006 it’s incredible it remains on the air the series has followed the rolloff family through the years living on their Oregan Farm as they wrestle with the complexities of dwarfism and daily life issues such as marriage divorce and coming of age for

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