1944 Yellowstone Prequel : All the Latest Updates!

Everything We Know About The 'Yellowstone" Spinoff '1944' So Far


It’s safe to say that we’ll probably never leave the constantly expanding world of Yellowstone—because Taylor Sheridan simply won’t let us! Adding on to the list of spinoffs is Yellowstone prequel, 1944.

With the news of Yellowstone’s future coming to an end—and the release date for Yellowstone season 5 part 2 being pushed back another year—there’s never been a time when Yellowstone fans have needed good news about the show more than right now! Luckily, news dropped that the Dutton family story isn’t over just yet and two new shows (titled 1944 and 2024) are in the works!

Theories are already brewing on what 1944 will entail: what will it be about? Who will be in the cast? Will anyone from 1923 return? (It’s possible, given the decades aren’t too far apart!) While information about the 1944 series is still scarce, we’re here to give you all the information we have so far! Read on for everything we know about 1944, including cast news, spoilers, and anything else.

What will 1944 be about?

An official plot has not yet been released, but if you know a thing or two about world history, then you might be aware of a rather huge event that took place at this time: World War II. Yellowstone has proven to tie in real American events as part of its series—especially with both 1883 and 1923, with the latter seeing Spencer Dutton as a former soldier of World War I. Given this knowledge, we can expect World War II to at least loosely be involved in the plot. Plus, given the fact that 1944 is a little over 20 years after 1923, it doesn’t make it impossible for some of the younger characters to make an appearance in the new prequel!

When will 1944 premiere?

Right now, no premiere date has been set. But that won’t stop us from making educated assumptions! It’s likely that we’ll have to wait until the 1923 series comes to an end, but unfortunately season 2 of the Harrison Ford show is still in the works. So, considering this info, we might have to wait a while before 1944 makes an appearance. Don’t worry, though, we’ll continue to update you with more information as we get it!


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