‘1883’ Creator Taylor Sheridan And Tim McGraw Team Up For New Project

Creator of “Yellowstone” spin off series “1883,” Taylor Sheridan, and the show’s leading man, Tim McGraw, have teamed up on a new venture, the l atter announced Monday.

McGraw, Sheridan and 101 Studios CEO David Glasser (who is instrumental in the entire Sheridan-Universe over at Paramount+) have joined up to bring us 1883 Reserve Napa Valley, a new wine club, according to a video shared on McGraw’s social media. McGraw’s cousin Adam Henderson is involved in the wine industry and helped the three men set up the new venture.



The club works like any other subscription service and seems like kind of a bougie, exclusive club to be in. The plans start at $155 for three bottles and scale up from there. But in President Joe Biden’s economy, if you’re spending $100 on three bottles of wine … Well, you need to hit up an Aldi, Lidl or just about anywhere else. Most regular supermarkets have wine that tastes exactly the same as the expensive bottles, just for a few bucks a pop.

There are also gift sets, single bottles and a bunch of stuff from the gift shop that would probably make any “Yellowstone” fan happy. But don’t expect to find anything branded to “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser’s coffee company. He’s in the middle of a fat lawsuit with Sheridan, who claims Hauser owes him big time.

And even though everyone loves wine, what we really need right now is a conclusion to “Yellowstone.” Amirite?

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